LED Flashing Beacons

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General Description
Our TS50 LED Flashing Beacons are used to supplement warning signs at uncontrolled intersections or mid-block crosswalks. Our beacons feature flashing, high-intensity LEDs that alert motorists to the location of a pedestrian crossing. Studies have shown that flashing beacons significantly increase driver yielding behavior.

• Pedestrian crossings
• School crossings
• School zones

• High intensity LEDs command the attention of drivers and significantly increase driver yield rates.
• LEDs visible under all weather conditions.

• Meets, exceeds ITE specifications; TXDOT approved.
• Standard 24/7 operation.
• All external hardware is stainless steel.
• Available in 12" or 8" red/amber/green balls.
• Available in 12" red/amber/green arrows.
• 12" bi-modal arrows available (amber/green).
• Available in 120VAC, 12VDC, 24VDC, 220VAC**
• 5-watts power consumption (8"/12" DC beacons).
• Solar power option available.
• Polycarbonate enclosure.

** Call for availability. Some sizes or styles may not be available in these voltages.

TS50 LED Flashing Beacons
TS50 LED Flashing Beacons
TS50 LED Flashing Beacons
"TAB" visors

Example Installation

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