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Flashing LED Edge Lit Signs

Our Flashing LED Edge Lit Signs meet and/or exceed all MUTCD specifications. Our signs feature flashing, high-intensity LEDs that command the attention of drivers and help improve compliance.

High Visibility
• High intensity LEDs flash in unison, once per second, 24/7.
• LEDs increase sign visibility under all weather conditions.
• LEDs command the attention of drivers and help improve compliance.
• LEDs visible up to 2 miles away.
• 3M™ Diamond Grade™ sheeting maintains long term reflectivity.

Superior Design
• MUTCD Section 2A.08 compliant.
• Solar powered LED signs are eco-friendly.
• LED life expectancy over 100,000 hours.
• Fast, easy installation onto any new or existing sign post.
• Customize sign to meet your specifications.
• Activation options: 24/7 flashing, timer, or wireless push-button.

Outstanding Durability
• Weatherproof enclosure protects against outside elements.
• Highway grade .080 aluminum and stainless fasteners.
• Vandal-resistant mounting hardware included.
• Battery backup, 12 day autonomy (flashing 24/7).
• Not affected by local grid power outages.
• Warranty: 10 year solar panel, 5 year sign construction.

Don't see what you're looking for? Many lighted and unlighted sign types, messages and sizes are available. Please contact us if you need a custom sign or sign style not shown on our site.

Pedestrian Crossing (W11-2) School Crossing (S1-1) Bicycle Warning (W11-1)
Do Not Enter (R5-1) Do Not Stop On Tracks (R8-8) Left Turn Arrow (W1-1L)
Rail Grade Crossing (W10-1) Right Turn Arrow (W1-1R) School Speed Limit (S5-1)
Speed Limit (R2-1) State Law Stop For Pedestrians (R1-6A) State Law Yield to Pedestrians (R1-6)
Stop (R1-1) Wrong Way (R5-1A) Yield (R1-2)

FHWA Prohibits Installation of New RRFBs

FHWA Prohibits Installation of New RRFBs

On December 21, 2017, the FHWA terminated Interim Approval 11, which permitted the use of rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFBs). All highway agencies are prohibited from installing any new RRFBs.

To help enhance pedestrian safety at uncontrolled marked crosswalks, the FHWA now recommends alternatives such as pedestrian-activated flashing LED warning signs that command the attention of drivers and help improve compliance.

Quality. Speed. Price.

Quality. Speed. Price.

Why settle for just two when you can have all three? We are dedicated to meeting your highest expectations.

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Traffic Safety Corp.'s Quality Management System is registered to ISO 9001:2015. The scope of the certification includes the design, development, manufacture, sales and distribution of traffic safety lighting products and systems.
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