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HAWK (High-intensity Activated crossWalK)
Beacon Systems

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General Description
A HAWK Beacon, also known as a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon, is a special type of beacon used to stop traffic and allow pedestrians to cross safely at marked, un-signalized crosswalks. According to MUTCD standards (Chapter 4F 2009 Edition), HAWK Beacons should only be installed at marked crosswalks.

HAWK Beacon systems include:
• Two 3-signal beacon assemblies for each approach (minimum requirement)
• One pedestrian signal head (WALK/DON'T WALK) at each end of the crosswalk (countdown timer optional)
• Pedestrian activation (push-button or passive activation)

We now offer an off-the-grid, ready-to-install, solar powered wireless HAWK Beacon using our innovative Mikrós EIC DC Controller with a built-in conflict monitor. Our solar systems include a charge controller, battery, and solar panels that mount on a pole or mast arm.

Features and Benefits
• Solar Powered
- Efficient MPPT charge controller
- Sized for location, ensures sufficient power all year
- Sized for usage, based upon estimated daily activations
- Self contained, no electric bills
- Eliminates power interruptions
- Electrical contractors not required for installation
- High-efficiency, self-cleaning solar panels
    • 20 year warranty
    • Site specific mounting rack options
- No maintenance AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery
    • Performs better in cold climates
    • 5 year pro-rated warranty
• High-Efficiency, Low-Power System Components
- Mikrós EIC electrical consumption: 2 watts
- Beacons consume no more than 4 watts each
- Pedestrian head (WALK/DON'T WALK) continuous 24/7: Less than 4 watts
- Pedestrian head + countdown timer operating 24/7: Less than 5 watts
- Automatic dusk-to-dawn night dimming
• Flexible System
- Tailored for project requirements
- Wireless communication and control between signals, no trenching or boring cable (can be hard-wired)
- Pedestrian push-button: Brand flexibility
- Small footprint, mount on pole or mast arm
- AC or solar powered
• Meets MUTCD Standards
• 25 Month System Warranty

HAWK (High-intensity Activated crossWalK) Beacon Systems

Flash Sequence for a HAWK Beacon System

Mikrós EIC DC Controller with Built-in Conflict Monitor

Features and Benefits
• State-of-the-art Controller with Conflict Monitor
- Efficient, low-power DC controller (less than 2 watts)
- 10 times lower power consumption than comparable products
- Simple user interface for status and programming
- Adjustable cycle timing
- Wireless communication (can be hard-wired)
- Trenching and boring not required
- Spread spectrum radio: 900 MHz
- Compact size: 7"W x 5.5"D x 9"H
- Small footprint:
    • Controller and batteries fit in pole-mounted cabinet
    • Retrofits most existing cabinets
- Adjustable cycle timing
- Pre-emption coordination with other signal controllers
- Continuous conflict monitor:
    • Radio communication failure
    • Signal outputs: monitors absence of signal
    • Signal conflicts
    • Fail mode stays on until conflict resolved
- Can be packaged with an AC to DC power supply.
• Low Voltage, Low Wattage Signal Heads
- DC pedestrian head with countdown timer
- LEDs consume no more than 5 watts
• Meets MUTCD Standards
- Meets and exceeds NEMA TS5 2012 standards
• 25 Month Product and System Warranty

Mikrós EIC DC Controller with Built-in Conflict Monitor

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