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TS230 Fixture

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(Discontinued for new projects. Available to support prior installations only.)

How to Specify TS230 Fixture

These high intensity, bidirectional inset lights alert motorists that pedestrians are in the crosswalk. They are activated by a push button at either curb and flash yellow once per second for a preset duration.

• Low profile (0.5").
• 45 W off-the-shelf lamps.
• Average lamp life 1,200 hours.
• Body of spheroidal graphite iron for strength and durability.
• Fixtures withstand a static load of 44,000 lb. and a dynamic load of 22,000 lb.

Typical Installation
This two-lane road, 24 feet wide, has six TS230 fixtures embedded in the pavement. Each lane has two fixtures on the side nearest oncoming traffic and one on the far side of the crosswalk. All lights flash in both directions. The pedestrian activates the lights using a push button at the curb (blue dots). The lamps project a 500,000 candela per meter sq. wide angle beam that is clearly visible in daylight and under the worst weather conditions.

Low-profile Fixture
The TS230 is 8" in diameter and rises only 12mm (0.5") above the roadway. This low profile, and the TS230's smooth surface, allows snow plows to pass over without damaging the fixture (Snow plow blades must be set 1/4 inch or higher above grade. If snow plow blades are operated at grade, the fully flush TS-600 fixture should be used.) The fixture withstands a dynamic load of 22,000 lb. and a static load of 44,000 lb.

TS230 Fixture
TS230 Ordering Codes

• Dimensions:
Fixture - 8" diameter, 3.23" deep
Base can - 9.25" diameter, 4.5" deep
• Lamp: 45W LA-J1/57
• Lenses: Bidirectional in yellow
• Body casting: High strength spheroidal graphite iron finished in golden yellow
• Stress bearing: 11 tons dynamic load and 22 tons static load.
• Installation and operation handbook provided

LA-J1/75 36W Lamp
LA-J1/57 45W lamp
80-015048 Lampholder
80-031026 Bypass
80-019106 Yellow (1 Pip)
80-040035 Blank
Other Parts
80-033045 Window seal gasket
80-032021 Lens retainer spring
80-021256 Pressure test plug
80-033067 Bottom seal gasket
80-040094 Bottom cover subassy
80-032022 Leaf spring
TRC-10518-114-D02 Fixture lead, male

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