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Wireless Pedestrian Push-Button

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General Description
Our push-button stations are designed for use at a pedestrian crosswalk to activate In-Roadway Warning Lights or Flashing LED Edge Lit Signs. All stations include an instructional sign plate and an ADA-compliant push-button.

BullDog III Push-Button Station
The BullDog III sets a higher standard for ADA-compliant pedestrian crossing push-buttons. The BullDog III is not only accessible, but it's also designed for very low maintenance and built on tested and proven technology. This button is highly vandal resistant with essentially no moving parts. It is pressure activated, but can withstand an impact from a baseball bat or hammer. When the switch activates, you will hear a beep and the LED will flash. The BullDog III Push-Button Station includes an instructional sign, a push-button for activating the flashing lights, and a push-button frame.

BullDog III Features
• BullDog III Push-Button Station includes: an instructional sign, a push-button, and push-button frame.
• Superior die-cast aluminum, powder-coated body - independently lab tested to NEMA 250 (6P) specifications.
• 316 Marine grade stainless steel button cap far exceeds the durability of competing products.
• 2" ADA compliant button withstands severe impact from baseball bats, skate boards, hockey sticks, etc.
• Button places a call with less than two pounds of force.
• Button requires push action to activate - cannot be jammed or stuck on.
• Wide operating temperature range of -30° to 165°F (-34° to 74°C).
• Ultra-durable, long-life - tested to 300 million operations.
• Wind, rain, hail, and vibration have no negative effects.
• Transient protection meets and exceeds NEMA specifications - independently lab tested and certified.
• Piezo-driven solid state switch sounds simultaneously with push-button.
• Provides two-tone audible confirmation as well as visual LED confirmation.
• Available in black or yellow (contact TSC for other colors).
• BullDog III push-buttons use power from existing switch wires.
• 5-year warranty.

BullDog III Push-Button Station
BullDog III Push-Button Station:
Left Arrow Button (left)
Stainless Steel Button (right)

BullDog III Push-Button
BullDog III Push-Button

Wireless Push-Button Transmitter
MUTCD compliant Push-Buttons communicate securely to a TS1000 In-Roadway Warning Light Control System, or directly with one or more TS40 Flashing LED Edge Lit Signs at distances of up to 1,500 feet.

Transmitter Specifications
• Operating Frequency: 2.4 GHz ISM Band, License Free, FCC Part 15 Compliant and Certified
• Range: Communicates with Devices located up to 1,500' Direct Line of Sight
• Technology: RFDANT - Transceiver Environmentally Sealed and Industrial Ruggedized
• Patented Protocol: RFDP 8 - High Immunity to RF Noise and WIFI Signal Interference
• Security: Transmitter Paired to Receivers using a Unique 32-Bit Electronic Serial Number

• Dimensions: 12" x 10" x 6" (Solar/Battery Model), 12" x 8" x 6" (AC Model)
• Type: NEMA 4X with Integrated Lock, Pole Mounting Kit Option Available
• Material: Fiberglass Enclosure and Back Panel Construction
• Installation: Pole Installation

• Power Source: 12 VDC Solar, 110 VAC Model Available
• Operating Temperature Range: -40° to +185°F (-40° to +85°C)
• Lightning Surge Protection: High Energy Surge and Transient Protection
• Autonomy: 5 Days
• Warranty: 5-Year Warranty, Battery Excluded.

Wireless Push-Button Transmitter
Wireless Push-Button Transmitter

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