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Stand Alone Changeable Message Display
Model CMD13176

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General Description
Our stand alone variable message displays mount permanently or temporarily depending on your application. Some examples of where the displays can be used: Mounted to existing trailer where display and controls have gone bad, mounted onto pole by side of the road, mounted above the road, factories, entrance into facility or park, and much more. All of our stand alone message displays have the following features: an NTCIP controller, capable of cell modem hookup, radar ready, all aluminum constructed display housing, a heavy duty lexan front face to protect face of message display, all LED display.

• Quick Message Selection
• Lockable Cabinets
• Password Protection
• NTCIP Controller Standard
• Independent Module Operation
• Photocell for Auto dimming
• RF Immunity

General Specifications
Display Module Specifications
• Pixel Matrix: 21x48 Pixel Arrangement
• LED Module: Each is 5x7 matrix
• LEDs Per Pixel: 4
• LED Type: Agilent amber 592NM
• Viewing Angle: 30 degrees
• Visibility: 4800 feet
• Hours: 100,000 hour LED
• Lines: Displays 3 lines of text
• Characters per line: 8
• Character Height: 18"
* If one module fails the remainder of board is unaffected.

Display Enclosure Specifications
• Construction: Extruded Aluminum 6063 alloy
• Length: 131"
• Width: 76"
• Depth: 6"
• Paint: Powder coat paint
• Salt Spray: 1000 hours
• UV Resistant: 500 hours
• Seal: Weather resistant
• Venting: Vented top and bottom
• Front face: 1/8" Lexan UV matte finish

Controller Specifications
• Preprogrammed Messages: 215
• User programmable: 100
• Message Timing: Slow, medium, fast
• Dimming: Auto or Manual
• Protection: Password
• Quick Message Selection: Thumbwheel to quickly select between 16 user programmable messages.
• Controller Display: LCD
• Data Entry: Mini Keyboard
• Memory: Non volatile
* Pre-wired to accommodate radar, cell modem, and PC
* "Auto Resume" after power failure

Model CMD13176 Stand Alone Changeable Message Display

Hand-held Programming Terminal
Hand-held Programming Terminal
• LCD Screen
• Onboard Computer
• Continuous Message Preview

Quick Selection Switch
Quick Selection Switch
Quick Message Selection Switch allows users to create their 16 most used messages. Selecting the correct message is easy, just turn the thumb wheel to the desired number.

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