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Winch Trailer Mounted Message Board
Model MB3LWT

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General Description
Solar powered, portable changeable message signs are ideal in construction and maintenance areas where extended visibility and legibility is a must. All units come fully assembled and complete with an easy to use NTCIP controller with qwerty keyboard, solar panels, battery bank, lockable control cabinets, 15" tires, powder coat paint, quick message selection switch, all aluminum display housing, LED technology and manual winch to raise and lower display.

• Compact Trailer Design
• Quick Message Selection
• Removable Tongue
• Lockable Cabinets
• Password Protection
• Powder Coat Paint
• Tongue Jack (with wheel)
• NTCIP Controller Standard
• Independent Module Operation
• Photocell for Auto dimming
• RF Immunity

General Specifications
Solar Powered, Portable Changeable Message Sign. Capable of three lines of alphanumeric 18" high text, all LED display, self contained on-board computer, powder coat paint system. Display is 131" x 76", with winch style trailer. Supports up to 215 predefined messages (text). Supports storage of up to 100 changeable messages. System comes standard with six-(6) 6-volt batteries (totaling 675 amps) and 220 watts of solar. NTCIP Compliant.

Trailer Specifications
• Length with tongue: 177 3/4"
• Length without tongue: 128"
• Overall width: 79"
• Mainframe: 3" x 5" x 1/8" tubular steel
• Front/Rear cross members: 3" x 3" x 1/8" tubular steel
• Axle and Springs: Straight tubular steel 3500 pounds
• Wheels and Tires: 5 lug – P205/75R15
• Fenders: 16 – gauge steel
• Tongue and Safety chains: 2" hitch, 1/4" safety chains with hooks
• Jacks: Adjustable 15" jacks (2000 lbs. capacity) on each corner of the trailer. Tongue jacks.
• Tail lights: Dual combination reflective lights with stop, tail and turn signal. License plate bracket.
• Wiring: Enclosed in jacketed cable or conduit.
• Battery/Controller box: Steel fabrication, lockable, hinged, vented.

Sign Frame Specifications
• Frame constructed of extruded aluminum, 6063 alloy with a T5 temper.
• Length: 131"
• Height: 76"
• Depth: 6"
• Mounting Studs: constructed of .080 aluminum
• Back skin: constructed of .080 aluminum
• Viewing Window: .125 thick polycarbonate with UV matte finish
• Paint: Powder paint, flat black finish
• Salt spray fog: 1,000 hours
• UV Resistance: 500 hours

Display Module 5 x 7 pixel, 2.85" pitch
Specifications: Optical:

• LED pixel is formed using 4 LEDs
• Pixels are arranged in a 5 wide by 7 tall matrix array.
• LED pixel spacing is 2.85 inches x 2.85 inches
• Agilent Amber lamps, 592 NM wavelength, 30 degree viewing angle, bins 4.2 cd to 12 cd
• LED module is painted a flat black to improve contrast and reduce glare.
• Supports up to 215 predefined messages (text).
• Supports storage of up to 100 changeable messages, each with up to 4 pages of text.
• Three different fonts:
- 5x7
- 7 x 7 bold
- 4x7

Photocell Assembly Specifications
• Monitors ambient light conditions and adjusts brightness accordingly

NTCIP Specifications
• Supports the latest version of NTCIP and can be CERTIFIED by third party for its full functionality and conformance.

Power and Charging Specifications
• Battery bank:
- Typical installation is three pair (225 amp) 6-volt batteries wired for 675 combined amps maximum output.
• Electronic Circuitry:
- Solid state, reverse polarity protection, properly fused, disconnects on all cables.
• Battery Charger:
- Input volts 105-130VAC
- Max. Amp Draw 15
- Max. Watt Draw 1000
- Output Amps 60

Solar Panel Specifications
• Typical Electrical Characteristics (2) 110 Watt Panel
• Voltage at Pmax (V mp) 16.9 V
• Current at Pmax (IMP) 6.51 A
• Short-Circuit Current (Isc) 7.27 A
• Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc) 21.0 V

Typical electrical characteristics
Regulator CC-IP30-30:

• 3-position battery select: gel, sealed, or flooded
• 100% solid state
• LEDs indicate battery status and faults.
• Rated Solar Current 30 amps
• Rated Load Current 30 amps
• System Voltage 12/24 volts

Model MB3LWT Winch Trailer Mounted Message Board

Quick Selection Switch
Quick Selection Switch
Quick Message Selection Switch allows users to create their 16 most used messages. Selecting the correct message is easy, just turn the thumb wheel to the desired number.

Hand-held Programming Terminal
Hand-held Programming Terminal
• LCD Screen
• Onboard Computer
• Continuous Message Preview

Optional Solar Feature
Optional Solar Feature
The optional solar tilt and rotate feature increases energy output 3 to 1 – compared to traditional flat solar panels. Rotate 360 degrees independent of sign. Able to tilt at a 45 degree angle.


Changeable Message Displays – Winch

Graphic Capability
Telescopic Mast
Lines of Text
Character Height
Size of BoardLxH

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