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Crosswalk Lighting


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Crosswalk Lighting

Our flashing in-pavement lights alert motorists that pedestrians are using the crosswalk. Each fixture projects a rapidly flashing yellow light that is clearly visible during the day and at night. Continuous innovation and improvement have made our systems the most effective, reliable, and durable in the market.

Our system's superior performance maximizes safety:
• Brightest Lights on the Market: Drivers see them sooner, day or night
• Patented Controller: Cycles through enhanced flash patterns to maximize driver awareness
• Superior Fixture Optics: Precision, self-cleaning glass optics reduce maintenance costs
• Only Florida DOT Certified System: Certified to withstand electrical storms and a high-salt environment
• Longest Warranty in the Industry: 5 year system warranty protects your investment
• Live and Online Chat Support: Get quick answers to your questions

Our rugged systems minimize maintenance costs:
• TS-400 Anodized Aluminum Fixture: For general purpose roads
• TS-500IEC Stainless Steel Fixture: For coastal, industrial and heavy vehicle roads
• TS-600 Fully Flush, Anodized Aluminum Fixture: For snow plow areas or roads with steep grades
• Base Can Infrastructure: Allows for easy maintenance and future upgrades
• Long-life LED Technology: Minimizes energy and maintenance costs
• Factory System Burn-in: Ensures a smooth installation

Quality. Speed. Price.

Quality. Speed. Price.

Why settle for just two when you can have all three? We are dedicated to meeting your highest expectations.

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ISO 9001:2015

Traffic Safety Corp.'s Quality Management System is registered to ISO 9001:2015. The scope of the certification includes the design, development, manufacture, sales and distribution of traffic safety lighting products and systems.
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