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Retroreflective Delineators

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General Description
Retroreflective Delineators can be used for lane delineation and to mark roadway hazards.

The pop-out coupling eliminates collision damage. If struck by a vehicle, the marker releases from the anchor using a patented pop-out coupling. Simply insert the marker back into the coupling; with no damage done to either the vehicle or the marker.

• Lane delineation and channelization.
• Mark objects and other roadway hazards.
• Mark gore points and island ends.

• Brilliantly reflects light from vehicles.
• The reflective surface is available in blue, green, red, silver, yellow, or a combination of reflective colors.
• No tools needed - hand-screw pop-out coupling into anchor.
• Easy installation - drive steel anchor in flush with surface.
• Size: 3" diameter x 14" to 30" length.Weight: 1 to 2.5 lb.

Ordering Codes
Retroreflective Delineators
Baseplate NOT Included

Retroreflective Delineators

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