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SafePace Evolution 15SD
Driver Feedback Radar Speed Sign

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General Description
The SafePace 15SD driver feedback sign is a portable, lightweight radar sign with large 15" digits. The sign includes a speed activated "Slow Down" message that is flashed at speeding drivers. The sign's digits are dual color and the "Slow Down" messaging is available in a choice of red or yellow. The 15SD's Universal Mounting Bracket allows the sign to be mounted at multiple locations.

• 1 Year SafePace Cloud Included: Control your signs, access data, generate statistical reports and manage sign parameters, such as threshold speeds and violator strobe, with remote access via SafePace Cloud.
• MUTCD compliant with static "YOUR SPEED" message and highly visible 15" LED digits that are visible from up to 600 feet away.
• 3-Digit, Dual-Color Display: LED digit color can be programmed to change from yellow to red based on driver speed.
• Slow Down Messaging: Sign flashes "Slow Down" message at drivers who exceed designated speed.
• Speed Violator Strobes: Programmable flashing strobes alert drivers to slow down when they exceed the threshold speed you choose.
• Energy Efficient: Includes the most power‐efficient radar technology available. Optional solar power allows the sign to function autonomously for up to five weeks.
• Optimal Visibility: Unique light enhancing, anti-glare lens system, as well as automatic ambient light adjustment, provide brilliant visibility even in poor lighting conditions.
• User-Friendly Software Interface: Sign can be programmed quickly and easily.
• Stealth Mode: Baseline traffic data can be collected for comparison and analysis while speed display appears blank to motorists.
• Universal Mounting Bracket Included: Allows you to use one sign at multiple locations with the turn of a key.
• Superior construction and durability for long‐lasting performance.

SafePace Sign Camparison
SafePace Evolution
Radar Sign
Comparison Sheet
(PDF, 356KB)

Radar Speed Sign Case Studies
Radar Speed Sign
Case Studies
(PDF, 590KB)

SafePace Data Collection Specs
SafePace Data
(PDF, 307KB)

SafePace Evolution 15SD Driver Feedback Radar Speed Sign
Sign: 42"(h) x 30"(w) x 5.625"(d)

SafePace Evolution 15SD faceplate colors
Choice of faceplate colors available.

Complete solar system available.

SafePace Evolution 15SD specifications

SafePace Evolution 15SD specifications

SafePace Cloud Remote Access

We include 1 year of SafePace Cloud with all Evolution radar signs. SafePace Cloud allows you to remotely access and manage your signs from anywhere, anytime.
• View real time sign data.
• Access all sign stats from one location.
• Download traffic data and reports.
• Set up customized alerts.
• Change settings and parameters.
• Cut down on workforce hours.

SafePace Cloud Remote Access

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