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SmartWalk® TX
Pedestrian Motion Sensor for Trail Occupancy Detection

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General Description
The SmartWalk TX features software optimized for pedestrian motion detection in trail crossing applications.

The SmartWalk TX can be used to improve safety at trail crossings, activating the warning lights only when a trail user is present. Once the warning lights have been activated and the timed cycle begins, the unit can allow the lights to continue flashing as long as it detects pedestrians in the targeted area on the trail.

The SmartWalk TX's low power requirements make it ideal for solar applications. The unit is designed to detect trail users, including bicyclists and roller-bladers, up to 60 feet away.

• Specifically designed for solar powered trail crossing applications.
• Reliably detect bicyclists, skaters, runners and walkers.
• Low power requirements - ideal for solar applications.
• Increase the effectiveness of warning lights by only activating them when trail users are present.
• Installs and aligns in minutes.

SmartWalk® TX Pedestrian Motion Sensor for Trail Occupancy Detection

SmartWalk® TX Layout

• Operating Frequency: 24.125 gHz (K-band)
• Detection Method: Microprocessor Analyzed Doppler Microwave
• Detection Pattern: Adjustable with cover off
• Detection Angle: Adjustable
• Detection Mode: Selectable: approach-only, depart-only, or bidirectional motion
• Call Extension Time: 0.1 to 25 seconds
• Power Requirements: 12V DC±10%
• Power Consumption: 1W Max.
• Relay Output: Form C, rated at 1 Amp @ 24V DC (N.O. and N.C.)
• Output Power: 5mW typical
• Relay Contact Ratings: 0.5A:50V AC
• Temperature range: -29.2°F to 165°F (-34°C to 74°C)
• Physical Dimensions: 4"W x 4"H x 7"L
• Enclosure: Powder Coated Aluminum
• Weight: 4 lb.

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