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How to Specify TS280 Pedestrian Crosswalk Fixture

TS280 Data Sheet

Crosswalk Fixture
Photometric Performance - Fixture shall produce a brightness level of more than 600,000 candela per meter squared with yellow light at 6.0 amps at +/- 3.5 degrees. The lamp shall be non-proprietary single reflector lamp, 49 Watt quartz 6.6 amp series. Certified Test Report issued by an Independent Lighting Test Laboratory will be required prior to bidding to verify fixtures meet photometric requirements.

Lamp/Light Cavity - The lens shall be molded and formed to provide a sealed fit within fixture cavity and shall have yellow, blue and clear color options. It shall rest in the grooved lamp cavity of fixture casting. The lens assembly gasketing system will be made from high density silicone rubber. VERIFICATION THAT ENTIRE ASSEMBLY IS SEALED TO PREVENT MOISTURE INTRUSION SHALL BE ACCOMPLISHED BY MEANS OF A PRESSURE TEST PLUG. There will be two (2) lenses per fixture, one aimed at 0 degrees and the other aimed at 180 degrees, to be installed parallel to roadway center line.

Durability - Fixture shall withstand static load of 44,000 lb. without sustaining permanent deformation or cracking of materials. A Certified Test Report by an Independent Testing Laboratory will be required prior to bidding to verify that fixture meets load requirements.

Construction - Inpavement lights shall be bidirectional and of modular design comprised of six (6) major parts with the main casting manufactured of high tensile strength aluminum alloy. Fixture shall have smooth shaped face projecting not more than 10mm (.39 inch) above grade when installed in factory provided mounting base. Diameter shall not exceed 8". All mounting hardware shall be stainless steel. All surface mounting hardware shall have tamperproof heads.

Finish - All exposed surfaces except bottom cover shall be powder fuse coated safety yellow, bottom cover shall be black. Powder paint to be formulated for exterior applications.

Crosswalk Mounting Base
Mounting base to be circular in shape and manufactured from high strength steel. It shall be fabricated with three (3) anti-rotation fins welded 120 degrees apart and anti-uplift bottom cover. It shall have a maximum height of 4" and an overall diameter not to exceed 10". The base will have two (2) neoprene grommeted wire access holes at 0 and 180 degrees from each grommet. The base shall withstand a vertical load of 40,000 lb. The base will be hot dipped galvanized after fabrication per ASTM-153 specifications to prevent oxidation and rust. The base shall be supplied with a plywood cover to protect the mounting flange during installation.

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