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Flashing LED
Hand-Held Paddle Signs

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General Description
Hand-held LED lighted paddle signs help protect children, crossing guards and other road personnel by commanding the attention of oncoming drivers under all weather conditions.

Our lightweight, two-sided paddles feature "STOP" or "SLOW" in large letters that are high-lighted by ultra-bright white LEDs. The LEDs can be operated in steady-on or flashing mode. The paddle also features 3M Diamond Grade reflective sheeting that provides outstanding reflective brightness, day or night.

To conserve battery life, the LEDs will automatically turn off when the paddle is lowered. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack provides over 12 hours of continuous flashing per charge.

• Crossing guard awareness programs.
• Police/fire traffic and accident control.
• Highway construction projects.
• Utility company service/repair operations.
• Commercial roadway tree trimming operations.

• Ultra-bright LEDs command drivers' attention.
• LEDs visible over one mile away.
• To conserve battery life, LEDs automatically turn off when paddle is lowered.
• Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack.
• 3M Diamond Grade reflective sheeting provides outstanding visibility.
• Lightweight design reduces operator fatigue.
• Push button activation and function control.
• Comfortable foam grip with wrist strap.
• STOP/STOP paddle available with 12" or 18" face (STOP/SLOW paddle only available with 18" face).

• Weight: 1.2 lb. (12" Paddle); 2.2 lb. (18" Paddle)
• Dimensions (without battery inserted): 12.5" x 17" x 1.5" (12" Paddle); 18.5" x 23" x 1" (18" Paddle)
• LEDs (per face): 45/45 (12" Stop/Stop Paddle); 52/52 (18" Stop/Stop Paddle); 52/58 (18" Stop/Slow Paddle)
• Reflective sheeting: 3M Diamond Grade
• Illumination: Constant, flashing (60/min)
• Operating time per charge: >12 hours continuous flashing, >3 hours continuous steady-on
• Battery type: Lithium-ion battery pack
• Battery life: 500 recharge cycles
• 18" paddle is MUTCD compliant (12" paddle is not MUTCD compliant)
• Warranty: 1 year

• Replacement lithium-ion battery pack
• USB charging cable
• Vinyl sign cover

Paddle Instructions
Paddle Instructions
(PDF, 119KB)

18" STOP/STOP or STOP/SLOW LED Paddle Signs
18" STOP/STOP or STOP/SLOW LED Paddle Signs

12" STOP/STOP LED Paddle Sign
12" STOP/STOP LED Paddle Sign

Vinyl sign cover
Vinyl sign cover

Video: STOP/STOP LED Paddle

Customer Review:

What a perfect day to 'test drive' my new LED stop paddle. Winter storms, snow squalls off Lake Erie with white-out conditions. The drivers had no difficulty seeing my flashing stop sign through these adverse conditions, and stopped well in advance of my school crosswalk. That's a first. Even the school bus drivers were stopping to tell me how far away my stop paddle could be seen when the lights were activated. The handle grip is comfortable and the sign is weighted evenly making an easy sign to hold up for extended periods. Thanks for making a great stop sign. I love it!!

Sincerely yours,
Riley Todd
Ontario, Canada

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