Fanshawe College Crosswalk in London, Ontario

Fanshawe College in London, Ontario recently installed three of our TS40 Pedestrian Crossing Flashing LED Edge Lit Signs to mark a dangerous crosswalk. Because of a sharp bend in the road, the crosswalk was not visible to approaching drivers. Two of the TS40s were placed adjacent to the crosswalk, and the third was placed ahead of the bend in the road to provide an early warning to drivers of the upcoming crosswalk. The signs feature a built-in photocell that automatically activates the sign LEDs at night.

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One thought on “Fanshawe College Crosswalk in London, Ontario

  1. Catalina

    As someone who’s nelary been hit twice in recent weeks while pushing a giant, bright yellow and blue, double stroller around my neighbourhood in broad daylight, I can’t verify that one’s attire doesn’t make much of a difference. Drivers (collectively) just want someone/something to blame other than their own poor driving ability.


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