Lighted Crosswalk Making Las Olas Boulevard Safer

Responding to Concerned Citizens

Fort Lauderdale, Florida officials recently installed one of our LED crosswalk lighting systems on Las Olas Blvd at SE 13th Street. The crosswalk is located where drivers leaving nearby shopping areas begin to speed up as they transition to a faster roadway.

Pedestrians in lighted crosswalk system on Las Olas Boulevard Photo: Robert Duyos, Sun Sentinel

Pedestrians using the lighted crosswalk system on Las Olas Boulevard at SE 13 Ave. (Robert Duyos, Sun Sentinel)

The safety system was introduced in a response to a recent survey that found building “more walkable and bikeable streets” was one of the top requests made by citizens in the area. In Florida, from 2008 to 2011, 180 pedestrians were killed on Broward County roads – second only to Miami-Dade County.


The crosswalk before system installation was cause for concern.

Safer Streets in South Florida

A recent Sun Sentinel article describes the elevated need for this kind of system in the South Florida region:

“The lights are a first, and more importantly, a must. The $50,000 crosswalk makes its first debut on a public road in South Florida next month, and the new technology couldn’t come at a better time.

Pedestrian safety is always an issue in South Florida, a region that typically leads the nation in the number of pedestrian fatalities and hit-and-runs. Fortunately, studies show motorists brake sooner and yield the right-of-way to pedestrians when they see flashing lights or an illuminated crosswalk.”

The innovative traffic safety device is proven to reduce roadway accidents leading pedestrian injuries and fatalities, making in South Florida’s streets safer.

las olas blvd pedestrian crossing lights

The intersection at Las Olas Blvd. and SE 13th Ave. where the new crosswalk is installed.

The system uses ultra-bright LEDs that can be seen up to 1,500 feet away – even in sunny daytime conditions. Now, as Las Olas drivers leave the main shopping areas they’ll have increased awareness of pedestrians in the roadway, both day and night. 

Two Crosswalk Lighting Systems for Jupiter, Florida’s Carlin Park

Addressing Pedestrian Safety Concerns

Carlin Park is being proactive about pedestrian safety. They recently ordered a pair of our crosswalk lighting systems to improve safety conditions at popular crossings near the beach.

state road A1A crosswalk lighting system

A Safer Crossing

State Road A1A is a busy road with crosswalks leading directly to the ocean. Two sites in Jupiter, Florida’s Carlin Park were recognized as being less-than-safe. People have been pulling over, running across the busy road, viewing the ocean, then running back to their cars.

second state road A1A crosswalk lighting system

Crosswalk Lighting System

A six light Traffic Safety Corp. crosswalk lighting system is being installed at each of these two locations. The push button activated safety systems increases driver awareness of pedestrians crossing the road with flashing in-pavement lights. Installations are slated for later this year.

How to Choose a Radar Speed Sign

Traffic Safety Corporation provides a variety of signage – from traffic signs to digital display and radar speed signs. Choosing the right Safe Pace speed indicator sign is easy. Use these helpful tips to select the best model for your application:

Safe Pace 100 – Radar Speed Signsafepace-100-radar-traffic sign

Our most popular radar speed sign for use on roads with reduced speeds.



Popular features:

  • Affordable, low-cost solution
  • Compact, lightweight, easy to install
  • Portable, easy to deploy using Sign Dolly

Note: this model does not come with a custom scheduling feature or 10 year LED warranty. Data collection and traffic reporting are optional for this model.

Common applications:

  • Residential neighborhoods
  • Private communities
  • School zones
  • Shopping centers
  • Corporate campuses
  • Construction zones

Click here for more detailed information about the Safe Pace 100.

safe pace 450 radar traffic speed signSafe Pace 450 – Radar Speed Sign

Our most popular sign for use on highways and roads with higher speeds.


Popular features:

  • Large, 15″ digital display vs. Safe Pace 100’s 11″ display
  • Full size or compact models available
  • Compatible with Cruiser LT and regular Cruiser trailers

Common Applications:

  • Highways, residential roads
  • Corporate campuses
  • Law enforcement
  • Private communities
  • Universities
  • Toll Plazas

Click here for more detailed information about the Safe Pace 450.

safe-pace-600-radar-speed-display-roadway-signSafe Pace 600 – Dynamic Messaging Radar Speed Sign

Another top selling radar speed sign – our most popular solution for custom messaging.



Popular features:

  • Divided sign face enables separate display for upper and lower
  • Radar numbers below, message above can be altered
  • Extra large 15″ display


  • Residential neighborhoods
  • Private communities
  • School zones
  • Shopping centers
  • Corporate campuses
  • Construction zones

Click here for more detailed information about the Safe Pace 600.

safe-pace-700-radar-speed-indicator-roadway-signsSafe Pace 700 – Dynamic Messaging Radar Speed Sign

An ideal solution for custom digital messaging with an extra large LED display.


Popular features:

  • Similar to the Safe Pace 600, except this sign features a full message board
  • Fully customizable text and graphics
  • Extra large 18″ display


  • Residential neighborhoods
  • Private communities
  • School zones
  • Shopping centers
  • Corporate campuses
  • Construction zones

Click here for more detailed information about the Safe Pace 700.

safe-pace-800-radar-speed-indicator-traffic-signsSafe Pace 800 – Rotating Speed Display and Message Board

The best solution for displaying longer messages and digital graphics better suited for horizontal display.


Popular features:

  • Similar to the Safe Pace 700 series radar speed sign
  • Message board can be rotated to display in landscape format
  • Format facilitates longer messages: DO NOT ENTER, WORK ZONE AHEAD
  • Very large 18″ display


  • Residential neighborhoods
  • Private communities
  • School zones
  • Shopping centers
  • Corporate campuses
  • Construction zones

Click here for more detailed information about the Safe Pace 800.

Now that you have a better idea of what sets each model apart, let’s go over what they have in common. Each of our Safe Pace radar speed signs have these features in common:

user friendly traffic speed sign


User-friendly: Easy to use management software lets you set sign parameters, download traffic data and generate statistical reports.

easy traffic speed reports


Quick, simple downloads: Bluetooth and WiFi compatible for quick and easy sign management and data downloads.

low power digital sign


Low Power Consumption: Safe Pace signs are environmentally-friendly including the most power-efficient radar technology available.

high visibility LED speed sign


Highly Visible Display: Even in poor lighting conditions, signs are easy to see with a unique light enhancing, anti-glare lens system and automatic ambient light adjustment.

stealth mode traffic sign


Stealth Mode: Collect baseline traffic data while speed display appears blank to motorists.

theft prevention


Theft Prevention: A durable aluminum protective cover and individual optical lenses shield each LED to deter and reduce the risk of theft or vandalism.

speed limit strobe


Speed Violator Strobe: Integrated flashing violator strobe alerts speeding drivers of their speed, encouraging them to slow down.

speed data and traffic reports


Collect Data for Analysis: Optional data collection with a robust reporting module to generate a variety of statistical reports.

speed limit radar accuracy


Radar Accuracy: Unlike most radar signs that transfer data fro the radar unit, the SafePace radar units capture and process traffic data internally for precise accuracy.

durable long lasting signage


Durable and Long-Lasting: SafePace signs are made to last for years of continuous use.

Have a questions Call 1-888-446-9255 for immediate support.

TS1100 Series Crosswalk System Controllers Gain Florida DOT Approval

We are proud to announce that our patented TS1100-AC (AC Powered) and TS1100-SP (Solar Powered) System Controllers were evaluated and approved by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) as meeting all A615 environmental requirements.

solar powered and AC powered crosswalk lighting controller

Both AC and Solar-Powered versions are approved by the Florida DOT. Click for more.

Both of our crosswalk system controllers feature conformal coating material on circuits to protect against moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes. The TS1100-AC controller also includes a Power Interrupt Controller (PIC) circuit to maintain system operation during power interruptions.

Our TS1100 crosswalk controllers feature:

  • Multiple MUTCD compliant – regular and enhanced – flash patterns
  • Auto-sequencing through all enhanced flash patterns, one pattern per activation period
  • Internal components protected by input and output surge protection
  • Replaceable fuses to protect against output overload conditions
  • Easy onsite customization of system operation