About TSC

Traffic Safety Corporation was founded in Sacramento, California in 1999. We provide the most effective, durable, and reliable pedestrian safety solutions available. Hundreds of our crosswalk lighting systems and vehicle inspection packages are installed worldwide.

We make communities safer with our innovative pedestrian safety solutions: radar signs, LED signs, crosswalk warning systems.

We’ve been expanding our line of traffic safety products to include a wide range of options to address vehicle and pedestrians safety in any situation. Our line of products now includes:

  • Radar Speed Indicator Signs
    Our Radar Speed Signs are proven effective in slowing traffic, and are easy to install, manage, and maintain. Easy-to-use management software lets you set sign parameters and generate reports.
  • Flashing LED Edge Lit Signs
    Our Flashing LED Edge Lit Signs meet and/or exceed all MUTCD specifications. Our signs feature flashing, high-intensity LEDs that command the attention of drivers and help improve compliance.
  • Crosswalk Warning Light Systems
    Our Flashing In-pavement Lights alert motorists that pedestrians are using the crosswalk. Each fixture projects a rapidly flashing yellow light that is clearly visible during the day and at night.
  • Under Vehicle Inspection Light Systems
    Designed to aid security and safety inspectors by providing high-intensity illumination of vehicle undercarriages. Features include outstanding durability, superior visibility, and low maintenance.

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